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Sexual violence impacts everyone.

Every year, millions of men, women and children fall victim to sexual violence. Costs associated with sexual violence against children and young people are estimated at $116 billion each year.1 Workplaces, schools, and volunteer organizations are not immune. The right information, policies and communications protect your people and your business.

Where to start? TD3 Consulting can help. TD3 Consulting: Providing, professional, research-based, sensitive solutions to sexual violence.


Education and training are crucial to the understanding, preventing, and timely response to sexual violence. We create customized training tools and resources for adults and children, which are easily understood, research-based, effective, and victim-sensitive.


We know responding to the unique issues and dynamics of sexual violence is complicated – and important. TD3 Consulting provides thoughtful, research-based communication and outreach strategies that help organizations strengthen victim assistance programs, develop education and training for employees and protect children.


For over 25 years, TD3 has served as a trusted advisor, strategic partner and valued expert for district attorneys, religious organizations, the U.S. Military, law enforcement, corrections personnel, victim advocates and others.

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1 Children's Safety Network Economic and Insurance Resource Center