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Education and Training Programs

Education is the foundation of prevention. TD3 specializes in developing educational programs for adults and children related to understanding, responding and preventing crime victimization. TeenTalk, Advanced Techniques for Responding to Victims, and Strengthening Military-Civilian Community Partnerships to Respond to Sexual Assault are among our work.


Good messaging helps shape perceptions. TD3 structures and delivers an organization’s key messages through internal and external communication efforts including website development, brochures, newsletters, prevention campaigns and more. Need to write letters but struggle with knowing what to say or how to say it? We can help.

Child Protection Initiatives

Keeping children safe from abuse is everyone’s priority. TD3 works with organizations to strengthen child protection initiatives through strategic planning and strategy implementation. Clients turn to us when updating child protection policies, developing new child protection curricula, training staff on mandated reporting laws, and developing communications for community members on the importance of reporting suspicions of abuse.

Sexual Violence in Workplace Consultation

Sexual violence has an economic cost. Its impact on the workplace is often overlooked. Working under the shadow of child abuse accusations negatively impacts the institution and its employees. TD3 works with organizations on strengthening reputations, impacting public perceptions, and responding to the needs of employees. Our clients in this arena have included the U.S. Military and the Catholic Church.

Policy Development/Prevention and Intervention

The right policies in place can go a long way in protection organizations and its people. TD3 develops, implements, and evaluates prevention and intervention policies and procedures. Our work focuses on the areas of child abuse prevention, mandated reporting requirements, and sexual harassment.

Research and Resource Development

Research and evidence-based best practices give our clients essential knowledge to make decisions, develop communications, and create resources material for employees, parents, and the wider community. TD3 has a long history of creating materials that integrate the best available research with the wisdom of professional experience. Our publications, which include topics such as child abuse prevention, human trafficking, and responding to sexual assault are currently in use by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC), the U.S. Military, and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, among others.